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Carp fishing podcast

May 1, 2021

How did Linchhill get stocked? where did those special fish come from? fish like Bitemark and the late Petals? History’s important in all walks of life, having an appreciation of our carp fishing heritage always proves just how many big carp are around today in comparison. Our guests this month are two men on a mission to document the history of Oxford carp are Paul Harris and Geoff Adams. These guys have lived and breathed the Oxford scene since kids and have now started to collate it’s rich carp fishing history into a book that will document a part of the county that is now a magnet for so many carp anglers. We also have Jamie Cook from the Angling Trust, we talk about a really important campaign linked to water companies discharging raw sewage into rivers and costal waters over 400,000 last year, a 37% increase on the prior year!