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Carp fishing podcast

Mar 31, 2020

I've so been excited about this one since I recorded it earlier this year, Phil Jacksons story telling and carp fishing exploits from years gone by pulled me in and took me on an historic trip down memory lane. Story telling is a skill and Phil was a natural, I really felt like I was sat in his swim all those years ago. In fact the coffee flowed and I could've kept the tape rolling all day. It's full of fun, frolics and of course some incredible carp captures from what many believed to be the Everest of carp angling back in the day, the Mighty Wraysbury, the home of Mary, a well documented slice of British Carp record history.

This one is our longest podcast ever, it's a whopping 3.5 hours long, it's free and we hope this episode will keep that fire burning until we can get out on the bank. Plus we have Mark and Mikes usual ramblings about predatory carp and our usual features.