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Carp fishing podcast

Jul 1, 2023

This months podcast has a little twist. We got asked to be a guest on the wonderful VBK podcast in Belgium. For those that have no idea who or what the VBK do then I'll try to explain. They're a non profit Carp Fishing organisation that offers it's members waters to fish. They also home grow carp and help stock waters for the future. They produce great books and magazines, they're even lobbied over the years to get night fishing approved in Belgium and thats just for starters. They're created something, that since the early 90's has really united carp anglers together with a platform aimed at benefitting all carp anglers. Me and Mark has always admired the success of the VBK and have often felt something like this is solely missing in the UK. It was great to be able to sit down and discuss what the VBK really means with none other that Alijn Danau, a man who gives some much back to carp angling through his VBK work and one that has the respect of so many anglers all over the world. We hope you enjoy a rare insight into what's possible when anglers unite. Enjoy.